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Nobody wants to sit in a car dealership for hours.  We operate a no hassle, no dealer fee environment.  All prep and documentation is as near completed as possible before you arrive.  Our goal is to get you driving in less than 60 minutes.

Do You Really Want To Sell Your Car?

Knowing where and how to market, and how to price each specific vehicle is what I do.   The market dictates vehicle value, not a car dealer.  I follow the market and only get involved with things I and my customers can mutually benefit from.  I turn away more cars than I take in.

Our Approach - Be Selective

I want this to be the first of 30 cars you will buy from me in my lifetime.  I seek out not-so-common, low-production vehicles and view them as my personal collection.  It is a very rare circumstance where I sell a vehicle I didn't want to own and drive at one point in my life.


We have worked on the most rare and valuable cars on the planet.  I personally try to visually "perfect" each vehicle as if it were being shown at the Pebble Beach Concourse.

Mechanically, all vehicles are treated to what ever it takes to make them safe, strong, and free of issues.

What Makes You Special?

We believe in restoring every car to as close to new condition as possible.

We use water-based, bio-degradable detailing solutions to prep our vehicles.   Foam baths are given.  Clay is used.  Water-based tire and interior dressings are used to protect the driver, the vehicle, and the environment.   Silicone-based dressings make for brown tires, reflective dashboards, and slippery steering wheels.   All paint is inspected under 30 watt 5000k LED lighting and polished using a Rupes Bigfoot polisher until the swirls are removed, no filled with silicone!  All paint and glass is sealed and made ready for its new owner.

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Foam Bath

Dont Rub the Dirt In!

cars westchester Porsche Carrera GT

Looking Good?

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Cars Westchester BMW

Final INspection

Like New?

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